In With, Skye Jethani explores the five different positions we take in our relationship with God. “Life under God sees the world as governed by the capricious will of God. Life over God places immutable natural laws at the center. Life from God assumes the world orbits around the self and it’s desires. And life for God sees a divine mission at the core of all things” (p. 100). Jethani notes how each of these positions, though seemingly good, place something else at the center of our lives thereby disrupting our relationship with God. He asserts that the only conclusion is to live in a position of life with God.
This book is not written describing unbelievers but rather believers who have a skewed relationship with God. Jethani spares no feelings for the passive Christian who merely wants to go on believing that their life is exactly as God would have it. The book is direct and challenging to anyone who has an open mind and is willing to examine their own heart. Being a Christian for decades now I was shocked at how my mentality of God closely resembled several of the detrimental positions. Taking cultural considerations into account when describing the five positions, Jenthani’s With is both enlightening and thought provoking. He concludes with thoughts on living life with faith, hope and love. A fabulous book for any faith level! I received this book for free from Booksneeze.com


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